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Get To Know Us.

MROUÉ CLINICS is an award-winning chain of luxury medical and beauty clinics founded by Dr. Hayssam Mroue' in 1995. We provide an extensive portfolio of advanced health and medical-aesthetic treatments in conjunction with premium beauty services.

At Mroué, our team of board-certified doctors and master aestheticians conduct all of our services. We specialize in longevity treatments and body contouring to maximize beauty, so men and women look and feel their best. Mroué clinical excellence combines with its luxury-spa environment to create a comprehensive client journey of well-being. You are never too young or too old to care for your skin. We understand that lines, wrinkles, acne, hair in the wrong places, dull/tired skin and stubborn body dimpling are not friends. We listen to your concerns and offer you honest, expert guidance and treatment options so you realize your best self. It all starts with our complementary consultation. Call now!

What We Do.

At Mroué, ancient beauty secrets meet modern science! Our portfolio of medical-aesthetic treatments include:

Nonsurgical Face-Lift

Injectable Botox® And Fillers

PRP (Vampire Facelift®)

Stem Cell Therapy

Hair Restoration

Hair Transplant

Tumescent Liposuction

Thread Lift

Laser Hair Removal

Light Therapy

Detox Massage

Body Contour

Skin Rejuvenation

Customized Facials

Vitamin Therapy